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Payment terminal without a flat-rate fee for six months for free

01. 01. 2024

Try a payment terminal for free for the first six months.

Not sure if getting a payment terminal is worth it? Instead of hesitating, test it out for yourself in the “Czech Republic Pays by Card” promotion. Free, no flat-rate or transaction fees. Read on to discover how to do it.

Statistics show that merchants who have started accepting payment cards alongside cash have on average 12-18% higher sales. Some people find accepting cards more helpful, others less so, but it is always worth at least trying. What if all you are doing is losing money by hesitating unnecessarily?

You can get a payment terminal from us free of charge for six months, without paying any flat-rate fee, and up to CZK 50,000 without payment fees. All you need to do is meet the conditions for the Czech Republic Pays by Card promotion, a project supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

You can get a payment terminal without a flat-rate fee for six months if

  • you are a self-employed person, a company, a state-funded organisation or an official authority, and you have not accepted cards in the last 12 months
  • your turnover of card payments will be under CZK 50,000 (payments above this limit are subject to a fee)
  • you comply with the general terms and conditions for accepting card payments

Over a period of six months, you will see how much your sales will increase in practice. If you find out that accepting cards really is not ideal for you, no big deal. You simply give us a call and we will come to collect the payment terminal after the lapse of a one-month notice period. You don’t have to worry about any penalties or complications. You will simply go on as you are used to.

But, after a few weeks, it will probably become clear that your customers appreciate the option to pay by card. And not just verbally, but also by spending more. You may come to regret not having gotten a payment terminal sooner. In that case, we will get in touch and together we will choose the most favourable terms and conditions for you.

Accepting cards is cheaper and easier than you might expect.

No worries. Even after the “Czech Republic Pays by Card” promotion expires after six months, running a payment terminal is a matter of a few hundred Czech crowns a month for small shops, cafés and beauty salons. A fraction compared to the increased sales. After six months of free testing, you will know for sure if that really is the case.

At ČSOB, we offer merchants whose customers buy goods or services worth up to CZK 50,000 per month a payment terminal in the START plan. The monthly flat-rate fee is just CZK 299, less than most of us pay for a mobile tariff or the Internet. We do charge a transaction fee on each payment, but, for example for Visa consumer cards, it is only 0.75 % + CZK 0.50.

If you are still hesitant about accepting cards, now is a great opportunity to crack this nut. As you already know, you pay nothing for trying – literally. The next step now is that you fill in our inquiry form, we will get back to you, and in a few days we will come to put your payment terminal into operation.