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Functions of payment terminals

Discover what our payment terminals can do. Depending on the features you need, we can help you choose the right terminal for your business.

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Basic functionalities


  • You enter an amount that the customer approves or pays outright


  • There is the “Back” button to reverse the last payment made if the transaction was entered incorrectly


  • In case of claims, etc., you will refund the customer directly to their payment card

Daily balancing of accounts

  • Automatic or controlled via the cash register
  • Basic or extended


  • Suitable for businesses in border areas and tourist locations
  • You need to have an account in the given currency with ČSOB


  • The customer enters the tip themselves at the terminal
  • They can either enter the exact amount or choose a percentage
  • The tip is posted and appears on the receipt


  • Suitable for hotels, car rental companies and other lessors
  • You block an agreed amount of money in the customer’s account in advance
  • At the end of the rental period, you deduct the price of the service from the deposit and refund the rest
  • The service is provided on an individual basis

Manual entry

  • Backup option when the card is not working or the customer does not have it with them
  • The card number and other details are entered manually into the terminal
  • It works similarly to e-shop payment gateways
  • The service is provided on an individual basis


  • It works for Mastercard and Visa cards, the maximum withdrawal amount is CZK 3,000
  • The customer can use their card to withdraw cash from your cash register like an ATM
  • You pay no commission on the amount withdrawn

Acceptance of meal cards

  • Suitable for merchants who provide mainly leisure activities and restaurant and other catering services
  • People can pay with meal vouchers, benefit cards or CCS cards
  • There must be a contract between the merchant and the selected meal voucher company

Variable symbol

  • You can assign VS (variable symbol) identifiers to individual payments for better orientation in card transaction statements

Connection directly with the cash register system

  • Linking the terminal to your cash register system will make operation easier and reduce errors
  • You can enter the VS (variable symbol) identifier directly in the cash register
  • We support certified cash register systems; please contact a sales representative for more information


  • One terminal can send payments to up to 10 different accounts
  • Useful when multiple companies share one terminal, or to distinguish between different types of payments
  • The service is usually used in cases where there are multiple company identification numbers (e.g., hairdressers, beauty salons) at a single point of sale
  • Via one payment terminal, card transactions can be settled separately for each merchant