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Frequently asked questions

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General questions

Before creating an agreement on card acceptance, it is always necessary to first fill in the application form on our ČSOB website, where you must fill in the required information about the company. An agreement on the acceptance of payment cards can also be concluded at branches, even by non-ČSOB clients. An individual offer is always calculated by the sales representative.

It is a web application designed for the management of your transactions:

  • online overview and control of card transactions
  • electronic archiving of receipts from the payment terminal
  • electronic archiving of statements on transactions made with payment cards
  • request tool for communication with the bank

In the statement you will find information about transactions that were completed in the given period.

Statements are delivered either electronically by e-mail or can be viewed in the POS Merchant application, in which they are also automatically archived.

The frequency of statements is selectable on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Statements can be sent in the following formats: PDF, TXT, XML

The frequency and statements can be arranged with your sales representative or via email at

In the Merchant zone (POS Merchant application), you will find all generated statements that can be downloaded or sent by e-mail in PDF, TXT and XML formats. The sending of statements is free of charge.

The complete price list for payment gateways and terminals can be found at the following links:

By default, ČSOB credits amounts from card transactions for a given day (business day), terminal and divided into card associations.

Net amounts are credited to your account, i.e., the amount after the deduction of the relevant contractual fee (commission).

If you have an account with ČSOB, we credit the payments to the account the next day (D+1).

Otherwise, we will send the payments the next day (D+1), but their crediting to your account depends on your bank. The amount is most often credited a day later (D+2).

Total per establishment: means the sum of transactions per day/establishment

Total per account: means the sum of transactions per day/merchant account number/single card association

In the case of a request to change the account number, send an e-mail to ČSOB card acceptance,

Payment terminals

You can view all the currently offered types of terminals at this link:

If the standard installation time is selected, the installation is performed within 5 working days from the processing of the request (or later by agreement).

In the case of an express installation, the installation is performed within 3 working days from the processing of the request.

In the case of any doubt about the authenticity of the card or the cardholder, call the HELPDESK PK ČSOB +420 495 800 116

In the case of uncertainty (regardless of the amount of the transaction), you can ask the cardholder to present an identity card to check that the names on the payment card and the identity card match. In the event that the cardholder refuses to prove their identity, it is at your discretion whether to carry out the transaction or not. In exchange offices and casinos, it is necessary to see an identity card for each transaction!

No, the payment cannot be split into several separate amounts.

Holders of a credit or debit card issued to a natural person in the EU cannot be requested to pay a fee for payment by card. In other cases, the merchant is entitled to request a fee, but only up to the maximum amount of direct costs.

In the event of technical problems with the payment terminal, please call the relevant service organisation based on the terminal specifications, which can be found on the receipt. Alternatively, contact the PK ČSOB HELPDESK via e-mail at or via telephone at +420 495 800 116.

Payment application ČSOB SoftPOS

The ČSOB SoftPOS payment application is intended for merchants with an account with ČSOB who do not accept card payments frequently and do not need a classic payment terminal or are always on the move. Are you a doctor, you have a taxi service or a hairdresser‘s? This product may be right for you.

You can install the payment app on any mobile phone running on the Android (64-bit) version 9.0 or higher, that has an NFC chip which supports contactless payments and internet access.

Installation on a mobile phone with an operating system other than Android is not possible yet. The application is not supported by other operating system developers.

The application is provided completely free of charge, you only pay fees for every made transaction.

The payment application consists of two applications that must be installed on the device – ČSOB SoftPOS and ČSOB SoftPOS klíč. You can download both applications on Google Play for free. In order for the applications to be fully functional, it is necessary to conclude a contract with ČSOB through a sales representative and activate the application.

The payment application currently supports Sale, Reversal and Return. A detailed description of these features can be found in the downloadable user manual.

The application allows you to view the transaction history in the app and export the transaction log to CSV and PDF format. Orientation in transactions is improved by the possibility of adding a reference number to the transaction. The application also offers sharing receipts via text message, e-mail or QR code. You can find a detailed description of these functions in the downloadable user manual.

It is not possible to print the receipt at this time. After completing the transaction, you can send it to the customer via e-mail or text message. You can also view the receipt as a QR code.

The ČSOB SoftPOS application allows you to accept only contactless Visa and Mastercard cards and the payment methods as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Xiaomi Pay and Garmin Pay.

The application does not currently support the acceptance of meal cards.

If you have an account with ČSOB, we credit payments to the account the following day (D+1). Otherwise, we will send the payments the next day (D+1), but their crediting depends on your bank. The amount is most often credited a day later (D+2).

The activation data for each SoftPOS terminal is unique and serves to activate only one application. If you need an active SoftPOS application on multiple mobile devices, request a higher number of SoftPOS terminals through your banker or sales representative.

Yes, the application defaults to the phone’s language and supports the following languages: Czech, Slovak, English and Hungarian. If your phone is not in any of these languages, the app will be in English automatically.

The ČSOB SoftPOS payment application is only intended for use within the Czech Republic.

In the event of technical problems with the the payment application ČSOB SoftPOS, please contact the PK ČSOB HELPDESK via telephone at +420 495 800 116.

If you lose your device, contact the HELPDESK PK via telephone at +420 495 800 116 and they will temporarily block the application. As soon as you have a new device, contact HELPDESK PK ČSOB again and they will arrange to send you new activation data. Then download and activate the application again.

In the case of a device change, contact the HELPDESK PK via telephone at +420 495 800 116 and they will restore the validity of the original one-time activation data. Then re-download and activate the app on the new device. If you cannot find the original activation data, new ones will be sent to you.

Payment gateways

Yes, our technical support on GitHub is available to you during the implementation.

Yes, incoming payments will be credited to your current account held in EUR.

At the payment gateway, you can currently accept payments in crowns (CZK), euros (EUR), US dollars (USD), and pounds sterling (GBP). A list of other supported currencies is available on GitHub. You must take into account that for each currency it is necessary to have an appropriate bank account opened in the given currency.

The communication of the payment gateway with clients is secured by the https protocol. Communication with merchants is signed using electronic certificates, which ensure the credibility of communication. The payment gateway is thus sure that it is communicing with the merchant and at the same time the merchant receives a transaction confirmation signed by the bank. The online card transactions themselves are secured with 3D-Secure technology.

Visa and Mastercard have combined their preparation for PSD2 with the creation of a new standard for authenticating 3D Secure 2.0 online payments. Its goal is to give customers the same security (security of their cards) and merchants the same certainty (that transactions will be paid without the possibility of complaints) and at the same time reduce by 95% the number of transactions that will have to be verified, e.g., by applying the ČSOB Smart key. The motivation is clear – to improve the convenience of paying by card in e-shops and particularly to increase the conversion rate.

You can find transactions made via the payment gateway and on payment terminals after logging in to the Merchant zone (POS Merchant).

Log in to the Merchant zone (POS Merchant), locate the original transaction and make a request for a partial return of the payment. In the Merchant zone (POS Merchant), a manual is available in the help section, where all possible operations with transactions are described.

Yes, the condition for providing online card acceptance services is holding a current account with ČSOB. We will be happy to offer you this account on advantageous terms as part of our service packages for online merchants.

Of course. As a merchant, you don’t have to deal with anything of a technical nature, the gateway automatically adapts to the client’s device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer.

Payments made by Czech cards are in most cases credited to the merchant’s account on the next working day after the payment is made at the payment gateway.

The payment gateway interface is versioned, so it is not necessary to switch to the new version immediately. However, in the long term, outdated services and functions may be taken out of service. In this case, you will be informed well in advance about the need to switch to a newer version of the payment gateway interface.

Yes, most accounting programs support the importing of statements, which can then be automatically matched.

Certainly. For each transaction, you can set whether the transaction should be sent for settlement manually or automatically at the end of the day. In the case of manual closing, funds are guaranteed (blocked) for a period of seven days, during which it is necessary to complete the payment either in the Merchant zone (POS Merchant) or using the API payment gateway.

In most cases, the problem is the lack of authorisation for Internet transactions on the client’s card. In this case, the client must contact their bank and have online payments authorised.

Of course. It is possible to equip the outlet with a payment terminal, which we will be happy to offer you in a package with online card acceptance under advantageous conditions. You can then easily manage both online and terminal transactions in a single administrative system.

In the event of technical problems with the ČSOB payment gateway, please contact the PK ČSOB HELPDESK via e-mail at or via telephone at +420 495 800 116.