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ČSOB Push Payment: online payment card acceptance which does not require payment gateway integration

Are you looking for a seamless and efficient way to accept online card payments without the need for complex payment gateway integrations? Push Payments from ČSOB are an ideal solution, […]

More information for customers of the Hradec Králové transport company and the handling of their claims regarding fare payments

As a result of a service outage at our supplier, payments for transport provided by the Hradec Králové Public Transport Company have not been posted in recent weeks. The error […]

ČSOB notification concerning card payments for public transport

As a result of a service outage at our supplier, card payments for public transport passenger fares have not been charged in recent weeks. The supplier has corrected the problem […]

Use ČSOB SoftPOS on your Phone to Accept Payments

Contactless payment is now a standard in the modern banking landscape. A customer can pay by simply “tapping” their card, mobile device, or smartwatch against the payment terminal. However, did […]

7 reasons to start accepting cards

Start accepting cards and your customers will spend more money. It’s that simple. And if this does not happen, you can return the terminal after six months of free use. […]

To a newsagent’s with change? No way. It is already common to pay by card in public transport

In a few years, we will only be telling stories about paper tickets to our kids. With similar nostalgia as our grandfathers are talking about steam locomotives. Nowadays, only people […]