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7 reasons to start accepting cards

Start accepting cards and your customers will spend more money. It’s that simple. And if this does not happen, you can return the terminal after six months of free use. […]

To a newsagent’s with change? No way. It is already common to pay by card in public transport

In a few years, we will only be telling stories about paper tickets to our kids. With similar nostalgia as our grandfathers are talking about steam locomotives. Nowadays, only people […]

Mobile phone as a payment terminal: mPOS terminal vs. SoftPOS

You don’t just pay with your mobile phone, you can also accept payments with it. All the necessary technologies are included in models costing only a few thousand Czech crowns. […]

Payment terminal without a flat-rate fee for six months for free

Try a payment terminal for free for the first six months. Not sure if getting a payment terminal is worth it? Instead of hesitating, test it out for yourself in […]