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7 reasons to start accepting cards

28. 03. 2024

Start accepting cards and your customers will spend more money. It’s that simple. And if this does not happen, you can return the terminal after six months of free use. Increasing your sales is an essential but far from the only reason to get a terminal. We have a total of 7 reasons for you – let’s have a look at them.

1. You can expect an increase in sales

If accepting cards significantly increased your sales, would you go for it? You surely would. According to Mastercard data, merchants really do make 12-18 % more money if they accept cards. Are you saying that an increase in sales is not a given and depends on the type of business? Certainly. That is why we are offering a free terminal for you to try out. Read more about this in the next paragraph.

2. You get a free terminal for six months

Are you wondering whether getting a terminal will really pay off? Write to us and try it out for six months free of charge, without any installation or transaction fees. Only if you exceed the turnover limit of CZK 50,000 per month, we will charge 0.99 % of the over-limit payments.

The promotion called “Czech Republic Pays by Card” applies to entrepreneurs, businesses, state-funded organisations and public authorities that have not accepted card payments in the last 12 months. For more details see the terms and conditions of the promotion.

HINT: We have told you all about the “Czech Republic Pays by Card” promotion in our article.

3. You will not be behind the times

A snide remark during checkout, having to read unpleasant Google reviews, but also customers’ bitter switch to the competition. Such may be the reaction of your customers to the fact that they can only pay you in cash in 2024. For most people, paying by card is simply a matter of course.

4. You will speed up the queues

A survey by Timetric back in 2016 says that paying by card is three times faster than paying with cash. While the average payment with coins and banknotes takes about 6-7 seconds, contactless payment takes only 2 seconds.

We believe that contactless payment is probably even faster. With services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay on your mobile and smartwatch, you don’t even have to pull out your wallet to find the right card.

5. You will save your customers money

People also like to pay by card because they save money on every purchase. For example, holders of credit cards from ČSOB are credited with 0.5 % of each card payment in the World of Rewards loyalty programme. Similar benefits are available to credit and debit card holders with a large number of other Czech banks, too. And when people know they are saving, they are happy to spend a little extra money.

6. It is safer

Customers with counterfeit banknotes, thieves and robbers, dishonest or oblivious employees. They are all dangerous, especially to your cash register. That is why it is better to keep as little cash in your business premises as possible. One of the most effective steps to achieve this is the acquisition of a payment terminal.

7. Your terminal can also accept meal vouchers, benefit cards and CCS cards

Especially people in the gastro industry know that accepting and not accepting meal vouchers makes a big difference. The meal voucher company Pluxee has calculated that employees who receive meal vouchers go out for lunch much more often. Similarly, businesses that offer sports and other leisure activities can accept benefit cards with their payment terminals.

And one more interesting fact: did you know that you can use an ordinary smartphone as a payment terminal? Find out how it works and if it is the right solution for you in our article Mobile phone as a payment terminal.