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Terminal selection guide

Types of terminals

Fixed, non-portable

Non-portable terminal

  • the internet connection is provided by an Ethernet cable
  • the terminal can be expanded with an external module (PIN pad), which makes it easier for the customer to make a payment and enter their PIN
  • the offered models accept all types of payment methods and meet the most modern security requirements
POS S800

Smart PIN pad

  • this terminal is used by the paying customer at a predetermined location by the cash desk
  • this terminal is controlled by a cash register system, which sends to it the exact amount that is to be paid
  • it is not possible to print receipts with this type of terminal
POS 3000

Portable terminal

  • a terminal that uses a Wi-Fi internet connection can be moved around the store to a limited extent
  • the 4G variant can be used when travelling thanks to coverage by mobile data
  • we recommend returning the terminal with a Wi-Fi connection support to the charging base to ensure a longer battery life
  • compact and more durable workmanship aims for comfort and a long service life
POS 3500


  • the terminal can be connected (via bluetooth) to a mobile device (phone/tablet/PDA) that serves as a control system
  • it is not possible to print receipts with this type of terminal
  • this solution provides limited device performance and processes only basic card acceptance
POS 2500

Self-service terminal

  • this terminal must be connected to the control system of the given machine together with the provision of an Internet connection
  • possibility to accept payments using a QR code thanks to a built-in camera
  • some types of terminals are adapted for outdoor use with increased durability
POS 5000

Terminal which can be integrated into the entry system

  • compact size, designed for use with check-in facilities, ticket machines, turnstiles, etc.
  • acceptance of Visa and Mastercard
  • tokenization for use in public transport
  • reading Mifare / Desfire traffic cards

Complete validator or check-in device

  • complete check-in solution, including transport functions
  • solution for public transport with printer, stamping or compact for paperless solution
  • solutions for coach transport
Card validator

Additional functionality

Payment operations

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

System functions

Variable symbol
Connection to the cash register system
Virtual terminal

POS Merchant - Web application for management of payment terminals

  • POS Merchant is a web application designed for the convenient management of payment terminals
  • contains an online overview of individual authorised and completed transactions executed on payment terminals with the possibility of exporting data to CSV and several other useful functions

Electronic records of sales EET

  • The EET solution is suitable for merchants who have no cash register and do not want to invest in the acquisition of a new cash register system
  • the possibility of registering sales via a payment terminal or the POS Merchant web application
  • introduction of a certificate from financial management through the POS Merchant application
  • the electronic sales record service will be launched for the trader via remote administration after the introduction of the certificate and according to the deadline that corresponds to the legal obligation

Supported cards and payment methods

Mastercard Maestro Visa Visa Electron Vpay Dinners Club American Express Discover JCB Union Pay Apple pay Google Pay
Edenred Sodexo Benefit plus Gusto karta Chèque Déjeuner Gastro card Naše stravenka

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