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Payment methods

available in our payment gateway

It is entirely up to you which payment methods you offer in your e-shop. Your customers will see buttons such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Skip Pay. For payments using standard card payments and other methods users are redirected to the payment gateway. Let’s take a look at each the features, one by one.

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Let’s take a look at each the features, one by one

Our payment gateway is perfectly secured and meets all strict requirements and parameters. See how our card payment verification works and learn more about terms like PSD2 and 3D Secure 2.

Mastercard Maestro Visa Visa Electron

OneClick payment allows your recurring customers to pay without the need of going through the payment gateway every time. They save the card in their e-shop profile, and next time they can buy by just pressing the “pay” button – and that’s it. OneClick payments can also be used for subscriptions.

Cards can be stored directly in the payment gateway for future payments (unlike OneClick payments the cards are stored in your e-shop). Your customers continue to go through the payment gateway as always. However, they only need to enter the CVC/CVV or verify their payments using SMS codes or apps.

Forget about sending invoices and waiting a long time for the money to arrive. With push payments, you send your customers links to your payment gateway where they can pay instantly and easily. Whether they choose to pay by card or online from their account, you will be notified immediately and the payments are guaranteed.

Customers used to paying with their mobile phones can use Apple Pay or Google Pay. The payments take place directly in the e-shop, without redirection to the payment gateway. All that needs to be done is to press the button, confirm on your mobile phone and you’re done.
In terms of functionalities and billing, these are like standard card payments. For you as a merchant, both Apple Pay and Google Pay are free; the operators collect fees from card issuers.

Apple pay Google Pay

If you don’t know the final price, you can block a higher amount on the customer’s card at first, and then reduce it as needed. The amount is blocked in the customer’s account for a maximum of 3 calendar days. In the meantime, you set the final amount and deduct it.

For ČSOB customers, we have a button that redirects them to their online or mobile banking, where they can pay by transfer. For customers, it is as easy as paying by card. As a merchant, you are notified immediately that the payment has been correctly processed, and it is credited to your account the next business day.

Customers may take up to 14 days to pay for the purchase, but you will always get your money on time. The risk of not receiving the money lies with the Skip Pay provider. Deferred payment, like Skip Pay, helps to allay customers’ fears about paying online while allowing them to shop even if they do not have enough money in their account.

The ČSOB payment gateway supports the acceptance of card payments in foreign currencies (currently EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, HUF, NOK, SEK, RON). The perfect service if you are targeting international customers.

Do you want to know about payment methods and their implementation in the payment gateway? See our GitHub.

GitHub documentation